Wisconsin Adaptive Sports Association - Donate

WASA spends very little on its administrative costs, much less than most organizations. We have a volunteer board and one paid staff individual. We put almost all of our funds towards sports.

There are many ways you can support WASA! Some you can do right now, like donate directly to us. Others you can continue to do on an ongoing basis, like shop on Amazon. Pick your favorites and know we appreciate you!

WASA provides year round training and the opportunity for athletes of all ages and abilities to participate in games and tournaments. WASA also conducts demonstrations to educate the public on the value of adaptive sports. There are many resources needed in order to run a successful adaptive athletic program. WASA strives to provide all of the necessary equipment for each sport, while maintaining low registration fees for its athletes.

Our WASA coaches and staff have compiled a list of sports related supplies and equipment that can be purchased on Amazon by anyone wishing to donate to our athletic programs. Your donation(s) will be sent directly to the WASA business address. A Link to the WASA team sports Wishlists on Amazon is provided just below the list of sports

Each WASA team Wishlist includes a variety of different items such as balls, gloves, tapes, hockey and lacrosse sticks, tennis rackets, and protective gear in all size ranges. Having a supply of properly fitting gear and equipment, that is in good condition, is critical to the success of our WASA athletes and programs. Please consider donating today!

Please use the link below the list of WASA sports to browse our Amazon Wishlists

Sports with an active Amazon Wishlist:

  • Goalball

  • Quad Rugby

  • Sled Hockey

  • Wheelchair Tennis

Sports wishlists that will be coming soon:

  • Wheelchair Basketball

  • Wheelchair Bowling

  • Wheelchair Lacrosse

  • Wheelchair Softball

Using our Amazon Smile link costs you nothing when you shop on Amazon! A small percentage of your transaction goes to WASA. Here's the link. Make sure you bookmark it!