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Tandem Cycle Racing

The Tandem Cycle Racing Team Meyers-Miller Gain Momentum toward 2012 Paralympics.

The tandem team of Kevin Meyers and Greg Miller participated in 5 national tandem cycle races, making remarkable improvements along the way. Kevin Meyers, Blind Outdoor Leisure Development (BOLD) committee member, is a stoker. A stoker, in the context of tandem bicycle racing, pedals from the rear seat of the tandem bicycle.

Greg Miller, an elite tandem pilot, lives in Knoxville Tennessee. Kevin met Greg in 2008 at a tandem racing development camp sponsored by the United States Association for Blind Athletes (USABA). Greg has been bicycle racing since 1983. During the 2002 United States Cycling Federation Elite Nationals, Greg finished 67 out of 190 riders. There have been dozens for Pro 1 and Pro 2 races with Greg finishing the race at the top.

Kevin and Greg (K&G) have the potential to compete in the 2012 Paralympics in London. They have been successful to be considered in the TALENT POOL of riders.
Pyramid Levels to the 2012 ParalympicsSee graphic to the right. This level is one level away from making the US National Paracycling team. They also have been invited to participate in the December 2009 US National Paralympics training camp in Chula Vista, California.


Date (09)

Rides & Races





June 27th

Nashville, Tenn.

100 kilometers

<2:50 min

Hilly and technical.

1st in 900 riders after starting dead last.

July 1st

Championships Louisville, KY

14.25 miles

Ave. 85 s/km


US Masters National

July 11th

Yuma, Virginia

13.1 miles


Technical time trial loop

Fastest time for day

July 31st

Bend, Oregon. US Nationals

12.4 miles (20 kilometers)


Climbing at a 6.2 mile incline


September 6th

Moriarty, New Mexico Race 1

20 kilometers


Flat with many records set.

15 seconds off from TALENT POOL STD.

September 7th

Moriarty, New Mexico Race 2

12.4 miles (20 kilometers)


Flat with many records set.

Qualified for Para cycling TALENT POOL.

Summary according to Kevin: “It’s been a great first year for me. I have learned a lot and improved my performance tremendously.  With coaching and time on the tandem, my results will improve even more dramatically in 2010.”

Ride Comments

On June 27, Harpeth River Ride Metric Century, Nashville, TN:
This was K&G’s first ride together as well as the tandem’s first voyage.  The course was very hilly with inclines > than 10%, 97 degrees, and 80% humidity.  Their finish time was under 2:50.  The purpose of this ride was meant as a shake-down for Masters Nationals. They managed to finish first among 900 riders, after starting dead last.   They climbed the dozens of steep hills of the course surprisingly well and passing everyone in sight.

On July 1, US Masters National Championships, Louisville, KY: 
National Champoinships Winners K&G’s first race was on the very hilly Louisville Masters Course. They rode against the strongest tandem pairs of the day.  They took fourth, in a time of 32:30.3 over the 14.25 mile course, averaging 85 s/km, which put them on the five step podium.   This was Kevin’s first time trial and a major learning experience. Kevin took home a chocolate medal! (K&G are left in this picture taken at the Louisville race.)

On July 11, Tour De Possum Creek race:
Greg raced solo in the Pro 1 category taking 5th place before the tandem event. Greg had a fantastic warm up ride 5 hours before piloting Kevin on the tandem course. K&G recorded the fastest time of the day. They were particularly motivated because this was the day of the anniversary in which Kevin lost his sight in a hydroplane boat racing accident. Their time was under the 30 minute standard, and faster than Pro 1 and Pro 2 category finishers. The complexity of the course proved to be too technical for approximately one third of the cycle teams. Greg navigated the course with blind corners and decreasing radius turns with sound experienced piloting.

On July 31 US Para cycling National Championships in Bend OR:
K&G netted a fifth overall among the men solo and tandem bicycles at 114% of standard for their 3rd race. The course had one corner and was basically a pure climber’s dream. This had a 6.2 mile incline for half the course. This was another learning experience for Kevin, and a definite motivator for the K&G team.

September 6 & 7, Moriarty, NM:
K&G were searching for certified time trial course races where they could attempt to try to exceed the Talent Pool Standard. They went to Moriarty, N.M., where the race promoter allowed K&G to race 20 km each day, even though all other tandem pairs were racing 40 km. Sunday’s trial run resulted in a 26:25 time, which was 15 seconds slower than the Talent Pool Standard. On the 2nd day the team worked on position and strategy. They improved 38 seconds to ride a 25:47 time. With proper aerodynamic equipment, the time trial could have been 1 minute faster. Riders were not aerodynamically optimized for time trialing at this event. K&G Team’s time did qualify them to move up to the Paracycling talent pool on this day.

Kevin will need funds to step up to the next level. He needs our support. If you are interested in helping Kevin raise funds contact him via email at or send a donation to: Kevin Meyers, 6100 WEST STONEHEDGE DRIVE, #148C, GREENFIELD, WI 53220. Athletes from more than forty countries compete in Paralympics Cycling. Refer to the following link for more information about Paralympics Cycling:
-as told to Loni Kagen

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