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2010 Race Results

Date (2010)






May 1st

Montreal, Canada
Defi Sportif

22K time trial


Sharp turns, slight inclines


May 2nd

79.2K road race

(Not a timed event)


 June 12th

Nashville, TN
Harpeth River

120 miles


Hilly, poorly marked course

Finished with few racers

June 22nd

Bend, OR
Road Nationals

35K road race

(Not a timed event)

Hilly and technical


June 24th

24K time trial

Climbing a 7.4 mile incline


July 24th

Colorado Springs Track Nationals

4K pursuit


333K track


July 25th

200M sprint



1K kilo



August 7th

Kenosha; WI
State Champ'ships

1K kilo


333K track


4k pursuit



August 17th

Kenosha, WI track exhibition

3K pursuit


333K track


August 29th

Kansasville WI Road State Championships

40K time trial


Fairly flat , strong headwind


Summary: My second year was awesome.  I made tremendous improvements in my physical fitness and racing techniques.  The coaching and consistent workouts paid off as my performance improved.  I’m ready to take tandem racing to the next level and qualify for the US Paralympic Cycling Team.

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May 1, Defi Sportif, Montreal, Canada:
Greg and I represented the US Paralympic Cycling Team in the tandem category at this race.  The race was on a Formula 1 race track.  One lap was 4.4K of various turns, one short steep incline and a long flat straight.  The time trial was a 22K or 5 laps.  We finished 3rd against some stiff competition.  The Canadian team that won had placed 3rd in the Road World Championship last year.  Our time was still good enough for us to qualify for the US Paralympic Cycling Team Talent Pool until the end of 2011.

May 2, Defi Sportif, Montreal, Canada:
This was my first road race and what a way to start out by doing a 79.2K race.  It was run on the same Formula 1 course, so we had a little experience with the track.  We managed to hang with the Canadians for 9 laps.  They put on an attack right before the short steep incline and we were dropped.  If Greg and I had more experience in racing tandems in a road event we could have done much better.   Great learning experience.  Bring on the next road race!

June 12, Harpeth River Century Ride, Nashville, TN:
We did this ride last year and did great.  This year we decided to ride the century course.  The course was very hilly with inclines > 10%, temperature of 100 degrees, and 80% humidity.  We and many others made wrong turns numerous times due to the poor course markings in some locations.  This added another 20 miles to the length!  We managed to ride with three members from Lance Armstrong's Radio Shack team.  Due to the wrong turns, temperature and humidity, it took us slightly over 6 hours.  This was good training prior to the US Paracycling Road Nationals.

This was our second road race which was 35K on a hilly and technical course.  On the second lap the team that won put on an attack and we stayed with them.  We dropped the other tandem teams.  We stayed with the winning team until the last lap, where they put on another attack and dropped us.  For our second road race taking home the Silver was great.  Greg and I gained a lot more experience for road races.

June 24, US Paracycling National Championships, Bend, OR:
We finished sixth out of 21 single and tandem cycles.  The course was the same as last year except it was slightly longer, making it 24K.  The incline was now 7.4 miles, also longer than last year.  This is a very difficult time trial course.  We missed making the US World Championship Paracycling Team by one spot.

The US Paracycle track nationals were combined with a training camp the week prior.  This was great as it gave my pilot, Bob Springer and I a lot more time to develop our racing skills and work much better as a team.  This would benefit both of us because prior to the camp we only rode on a track twice.

The first day of the nationals we raced in the 4K pursuit.  With our limited experience we finished with a time of 4:56.  This was 10th overall as the single and tandem cycles were combined.  Also, for the female tandem, female single and male tandem cycles there was a very strong headwind on the back stretch.  The headwind died when the male single cycles raced.  If not for this disadvantage, we might have been able to knock off 10 or 15 seconds and move up a few positions.

July 25, US Paralympic Track Nationals, Colorado Springs, CO:
This was the second day of racing, where we started out with the 200M sprint.  We never did one of these before, and we did quite well.  With a time of 11.735 seconds we took home the Gold.

Shortly after doing the 200M sprint, we raced the 1K Kilo.  We finished with a time of 1:11.  This was pretty good as we finished 10th with a combined field of single and tandem cycles.  If my Tiemeyer track tandem were made for my pilot Bob Springer, we could have been much more aerodynamic and knocked off time in all three events.

August 7, State Track Championships, Kenosha, WI:
After the track camp and US Paracycle Track Nationals, Bob and I decided to race the 1K Kilo at the State Track Championship.  Bob would be racing the single cycle Kilo as well.  This was a way to gain more experience in tandem track racing.  We finished with a time of 1:13--only 2 seconds slower than our time at the US Paracycle Track Nationals.  Not bad for being at a much lower altitude and on a slower track due to lower banked curves.  It was good enough to take home the Gold.
A few hours after the 1K Kilo we raced the 4K pursuit.  Once again Bob did this same event in the single cycle category.  Bob is built like a linebacker and has a lot of power.  We finished with a time of 5:00 and were only 4 second slower than our time at the US Paracycle Track Nationals.  Once again we won the Gold.

August 17, Track exhibition, Kenosha, WI:
Again, to gain more experience--and offer the public a better understanding of tandem track racing--we did an exhibition doing a 3K pursuit against three single cycles.  Bob and I were pumped to show our power and speed.  We finished with a time of 3:43.  On the back stretch of the last lap we almost caught the single cycles.  If this had been a 4K we probably would have passed them.

August 29, State Road Championships, Kansasville, WI:
This would be my first time doing a 40K time trial and Bob’s first time doing a road race on a tandem.  We had ridden the course several times prior to race day to gain some experience.  The course is fairly flat with numerous slight inclines and three sharp turns.  For a long stretch there was a strong headwind.  We finished with a time of 55:05 and took home the Gold.  Great way to end the season.

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