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2013 Race Results

Date (2013)






May 5

Kansasville, WI

20K time trial


Turns and rolling course


May 15

Wauwatosa, WI – Bone ride

152 mile ride from Wauwatosa to Madison and back in one day


Sections that are fairly flat and some with hills


July 4

Madison, WI US Road Nats

26K time trial


Fairly flat, some inclines, warm


July 6

Madison, WI US Road Nats

91K road race


Numerous turns, slightly rolling terrain, warm


August 28

Kansasville, WI

40K time trial


Turns and rolling course


November 22

Carson, CA US Track Nats

4K Pursuit


250M, 45 degree banking


November 23


1K Kilo




November 24


Flying 200M / matched sprints





Picture in the lead during Match sprint

May 5 – Bong 20K time trial, Kansasville, Wisconsin:
This was the first race of the year.  I was not to sure how I would do as I had changed my training.  I felt I had to add more recovery time after intense workouts.  The course is fairly flat with numerous slight inclines and three sharp turns.  For a long stretch there was a strong headwind.  We finished with a time of? and took home the gold.  I was impressed with our output, especially mine.

May 15 – Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, Bone ride:
This was a ride from Wauwatosa to Madison, Wisconsin.  There were over 100 riders participating in this event.  The total ride turned out to be 152 miles which we rode in 7 hours and 49 minutes.  I did okay on the ride to Madison.  We took about a one hour break in Madison.  Shortly after we started coming back my calf’s started to cramp.  Every so often I had to stretch them.  The longer we rode the more the calf’s hurt.  With about 20 miles left my tank was empty.  Nothing I could do except keep pedaling.  Luckily my pilot was use to this ride as he has done it for the last 12 years.  I was glad when the ride was over.  I needed three days to recover.

July 4 – Madison, Wisconsin, US Road Nationals:
This was a 26K time trial.  My pilot Kurt Page and I rode for the first time a month prior to this race.  Then two weeks prior to the race we rode the course.  The course was in the shape of a small letter ‘b’ with a short out and back that came off the lower portion of the letter.  We were the first tandem team to go.  I felt good through the entire race until there was about 3-4K left.  At that point my right calf started to cramp.  I had to back off.  Thanks to my pilot for taking on a lot of the output at this time.  We finished 4th out of 10 tandem teams.  If my right calf didn’t cramp up we would have finished 3rd and maybe 2nd.

July 6 –Madison, Wisconsin, US Road Nationals:
This was a 91K road race.  The race was 10 laps around a 5.64 mile loop.  There was a medium incline and a few smaller ones.  About half way into the race we were going into a turn on the outside of two other tandems.  The tandem on the very inside drifted out from the inside of the turn.  This pushed the tandem on their outside farther out which then pushed us even farther out.  This caused us to go off the road into the gravel which made us slow down and fall behind.  At the same time two of the other tandems took off.  We were able to catch the two other teams that pushed us into the gravel and not the two teams that took off.  Overall we finished third.

August 28 – Bong 40K time trial, Kansasville, Wisconsin:
The course is fairly flat with numerous slight inclines and three sharp turns.  For a long stretch there was a strong headwind.  We finished with a time of 58.35.43 and took home the gold.  I was impressed with our output, especially mine.

November 22 – Carson, California, US Track Nationals:
We are back at the indoor 250 meter wood track with 45 degree banking.  We showed up a few days early to get in some training intervals on the track.  The first event on this day was the 4K Pursuit.  This is the event we didn’t really train for back in Wisconsin.  Without being on the track in Wisconsin since the end of September, going to the gym and riding on our trainers indoors I think we did fairly well as we took home the bronze with a time of 4:53.098.  Competition was tougher this year as there was six tandem teams.

November 23 – Carson, California, US Track Nationals:
The race is the 1K Kilo and will be run in the evening.  We are defending our national championship from last year.  As I said earlier, the competition will be tougher as there are six tandem teams.  We did better this year than last year especially on the start.  Even though we did better this year we finished second with a time of 1:11.148.

November 24 – Carson, California, US Track Nationals:
On the morning of this day we did the flying 200 meter.  This was used for qualifying for the matched sprints which would be run later on in the day.  We did great in the flying 200 meter event finishing second with a time of 11.613.

This qualified us for the semi-finals in the matched sprints.  Only one of the tandem teams has participated in a matched sprint and that was the team that had the fastest time in the flying 200 meter.

For the matched sprint both tandems start at the same spot on the track.  Although one tandem team is higher up on the track.  Then the team that has the fastest time will race with the team that had the 4th fastest time in the semi-finals.  Then the team with the second fastest time will race against the team with the 3rd fastest time.

So in the semi-finals we raced against the team finished 3rd in the flying 200 meter.  We had the inside lane.  For the first lap the team on the inside is to lead the lap.  After that anything can happen.  For most of t 4 total laps the 4th place team just followed behind us.  With about 1.5 laps left they attempted to pass us going around our outside.  We moved up on the track to not allow them to pass.  Then they dove to the inside and we drop down to once again stop them from passing us.  We were able to hold them off and win the semi-finals.

Then for the finals we would be racing with the 1st place team that beat the 4th place team.  Once again we had the inside lane.  Just as the semi-finals the team on the outside followed behind us for most of the 4 laps.  With 1.5 laps left the other team took off and dove to our inside.  They have a lot of acceleration…much more than us.  We couldn’t keep the same pace and the other team passed us up.  WE finished second and took home the silver.

With our time in the flying 200M event we qualified for the US para cycling national development team for 2014.

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