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2016 Race Results

Date (2016)






May 25

Winston Salem, NC – road nats

88K road race


Very hilly course


May 27

Winston Salem NC – road nats

33K time trial


Much more hills than road race


June 5

Kansasville, WI – Bong and a half

30 K time trial


Turns and rolling course


The first race this year was in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It was a 88K road race. The course had many medium hills. The Para cycling nationals were at the same time as the Master nationals. My pilot Billy Jones and I started off fast. We had a decent lead on the other male tandems. On the last lap all the Para cycling tandems were asked to slow down and pull over. This was to let the Master 40-45 age single cyclists pass us. They were going much faster. This allowed all the other male Para tandems to catch up. Approaching the finish line we were almost side by side with one other male tandem. My pilot was telling me numerous times to push it harder and harder. I gave it everything I had. We finished 2 seconds behind the other male tandem team. After the race we determined we should have used a 55 tooth chain ring. Using that chain ring would definitely have won us the gold.

Two days later we raced in the Para time trial. This course was much hillier than the road race. It was tough and I pushed it as hard as I ever did. Considering that this was only our fourth time on the tandem, we did great. We finished third and took home the bronze.

My pilot Billy Jones is awesome. He did the 88K road race the day before we did the tandem 88K road race. Then the next day he did a 50 minute criterium. On the warm up lap there was an accident. They had to stop when they came around the course to the finish line. It was sunny and really hot. They had to wait for over an hour on an asphalt track until the accident was cleaned up. There were about 75 single bikes just sitting at the finish line. Once they got going, Billy was in the front until the last lap. I think he was totally drained.

A week after coming back from the nationals, a new pilot and I did the 30K Bong and a half time trial. The new pilot is Ryan Schmeling. He does tri-athalons and is just starting to race single and tandem bikes.

Near the end of the first lap the drive chain popped off. We slowed down and tried to spin the chain back on. We could only get it to pop on to the middle ring. With only being able to use the middle ring and a very strong headwind our time was not that fast. Didn’t matter; it was a great time racing with a new pilot.

It was determined by the executive director of the Para cycling national’s team to postpone the Para track nationals. Supposedly there were no available weekends for a track in the USA.

This was a very short season. Going into this year I was thinking of making it my last year of racing at the national level, plus not training as much. No track nationals and only three races makes it really difficult to stop racing. I’m strongly thinking of racing for one more year. It is really hard to just walk away from something that one loves to do!

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